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Robert Delaunay, Rythme, joie de vivre - Handmade wall art

Handmade metal wall decor

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Do you need to bring life to the space around you? A bold experimenter, Delauney's compositions can liven up any live work space, with colourful simple joyful circular abstract forms. Using either artificial or natural light the sculpture is designed to caste a shadow which can become part of the intriguing visual theater of the piece - a game of transparency, volume, structure, shadow and light. Intended for interior decor. These sculptures are entirely constructed by us with the object of lending each piece a unique historic handmade appeal. 

Prepared for dispatch within 2 days.

Delivery between 5-10 working days. 

Materials:6mm mild steel bar. High quality transparent print protected between two acrylic glass.

Technique:the sculpture is hand welded and then polished to a vintage steel finish.

Measurements:10cm X 10cm X 10cm


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