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Contemporary sculpture 'The Perfect Recovery' - Unique Art for Home Interior-

Contemporary sculpture 'The Perfect Recovery' - Unique Art for Home Interior-

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This contemporary art sculpture, The Perfect Recovery, is an original work designed and handmade by Furst_Ori, the art team behind ArtandShadow. In three images, a falling figure gracefully transforms into a perfect dive within one of our largest shadow sculpture towers created to date. This stunning piece showcases a contemporary, modernist aesthetic that will enhance any interior home style. Add a touch of artistic flair to your space with this unique and captivating sculpture.
This piece is intended as a wall work and depending on the positioning of the light, natural or artificial, it is designed to creates a play of lines that spreads across the wall on which it is hosted. Side lighting, under lighting and even multiple lights can all work with intriguing results. This is a limited series sculpture, handmade so each is a unique art object, and comes signed and dated by Furst_Ori with a certificate of authenticity.
This artwork is composed of two pieces: a modular system forming a near one meter tower of interlocking steel bar cubes with a sequence of three original high quality transparent acrylic prints and a wall structure that fixes the tower to the wall. Appropriate wall screws are provided (only two are needed) and the entire structure is lightweight (can be mounted on plasterboard walls) and easy to assemble.
If you want to give a unique and original gift, for an important moment like a wedding or any other occasion, this sculpture will be the one that surpasses all expectations.

GALLERY STANDARD ART: We are Furst_Ori, two artist designers and these sculptures were developed from our fine arts practice. Each sculpture is entirely handmade and assembled by us.

MATERIALS AND METHOD: We weld the metal frames from 6mm steel bar and then polish to achieve an antique silver sheen. The metal is then protected with varnish. The image is a high quality print protected in acrylic glass.

INDICATIONS: these are intended for interior use only.

INSTALLATION: appropriate hooks and wall plugs are supplied for wall hanging or alternatively can be a free standing alcove or desk top ornament.





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