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Pop Art Face - modular wall art

Pop Art Face - modular wall art

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A new version of our most emblematic wall art, an enigmatic portrait shadow sculpture that can complement almost any interior style from minimalist to neoclassical. The modular units combined with lighting options open up a theatre of interior design possibilities for your creativity. In the photography you will note a variety of positions to underline this modularity, for example symmetrically positioned and asymmetric. The lighting is also part of the game that can be played and again you can see from the product photography, the differing effects that can be achieved from strong focused artificial light and natural ambient light sources. Visual attention is naturally attracted to the face, and in this version we have included a single focus of colour on the lips to court extra visual attraction.

Our main inspiration here is the Bauhaus art movement with a nod to Pop art. A wall art installation that can lend a contemporary style, with a sensual touch, to any living or office space.

MEASUREMENTS: a mosaic of three cubic metal sculptures 10cm X 10cm X 10cm and 250grms each.

If you would like to see our larger format work, 13cm cubic, you can see here:

GALLERY STANDARD ART: We are two artist designers and these sculptures were developed from our fine arts practise through years of exhibiting internationally. Each sculpture is entirely handmade and assembled by us.

MATERIALS AND METHOD: We weld the metal frames from 6mm steel bar and then polish to achieve an antique silver sheen. The metal is then protected with varnish. The image is a high quality print protected in acrylic glass.

INDICATIONS: these are intended for interior use only.

INSTALLATION: appropriate hooks and wall plugs are supplied. The triptych mosaic can be hung according to the photo or with a spacing and distribution according to taste, including using them as free standing bookshelf and desk top ornaments.

PREPARATION: these are mixed media sculptures which we assemble according to order, this ensures the highest possible quality when it leaves our studio to come to you. Preparation therefore takes between 1-3 days.

CUSTOM: we do a lot of custom work for interior designers and private clients please contact us if you have any projects in mind.

DO YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS? Don't hesitate to write to contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!





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