Our Story

Artandshadow is a line of artwork by Furst_Ori, a collective formed by the British and Italian artists Sergei Furst and Francesca Ori. Their exhibitions fusing diverse mediums and techniques: sculpture, lightboxes, three dimensional collages, and video within sculptures create journeys around small visual theatres. Perhaps, for this reason, their most emblematic project to date has been the Art’s Council and Elephant Trust funded exhibition, Signs of Id, on an old light boat, LV21, moored on the Thames where the public followed the work of Furst_Ori  into the bowels of the ship. Their art practice began and continues in a shared studio in a sugar factory on the outskirts of Granada, Spain. Whilst exhibiting internationally: England, Italy, Germany (Berlin) and Spain as fine artists, Furst_Ori arrived at a sculptural method of giving two dimensional images another dimension of shadow. ArtandShadow, are limited series of wall art sculptures. When positioned with an artificial light source, such as a down light or focus, a fixed dramatic shadow can be created or alternatively, when positioned in relation to a natural light source, the work evolves during the day

We sell our work only here at our dedicated online store or at Etsy at the address below.


You can contact either of us at anytime on our email artandshadow@gmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.