We love doing custom and bespoke orders. 

What is the difference between custom and bespoke?

  • A custom order would be for three or more of our sculptures selected by you outside of our normal triptych or multiple sets. We have done custom orders of up to 30 separate pieces. Depending on the amount and type of pieces selected we will establish a price, normally a little lower than our standard.
  • A bespoke order would be images provided by you (or commissioned from us) that you own the copyright to (or are copyright free) with potentially different dimensions to our normal format. Our maximum size on bespoke orders up to now has been 25 cm or 10" (square). After clarifying the job we will establish a price which will normally be a little higher than our standard to cover design, printing and other extra costs.

How does it work?

Very simply you write to us at this email address, or via our contact page and let us know what your require. If we need to do any mock ups so that you can see what your ideas would look like, we are happy to do this for free (within reason!) and assuming you are happy with a mock up we can then go about setting up a custom order for you on the website. There is no obligation to buy but once payment has been made and the works sent out, we do not accept returns.