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Leonardo da Vinci Face sculpture - designer wall decor

Leonardo da Vinci Face sculpture - designer wall decor

Handmade metal wall decor

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Modern and elegant but maintaining the integrity of its renaissance roots this sculpture can adapt to a wide range of contexts and interior design styles.  3-piece cubic metal sculptures elaborated from a high quality print of Leonardo da Vinci's portrait, Lady with an Ermine.


An enigmatic affordable wall sculpture to lend a contemporary style, with a sensual touch, to any living or home/office space. Using either artificial or natural light these sculptures are designed to caste a focused shadow which can become part of the intriguing visual theater of the piece - a game of transparency, volume, structure, shadow and light. A perfect wedding gift for the couple, and the new home together.

Prepared for dispatch within 2 days.

Delivery between 5-10 working days. 

Materials:6mm mild steel bar. High quality transparent print protected between two acrylic glass.

Technique:the sculpture is hand welded and then polished to a vintage steel finish.

Measurements:3 units, each unit: 10cm X 10cm X 10cm


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