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The Ideal City, Renaissance wall art

The Ideal City, Renaissance wall art

Handmade metal wall decor

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Set of three Renaissance ideal city vistas. Classicism with modern industrial elegance, these intense and elegant perspective studies will provide dramatic moments of depth and focus over a wide wall space. Metal wall art sculptures handmade by ArtandShadow from steel metal bar with acrylic glass protecting a high quality black and white transparent print.
The motif of the Ideal City celebrates the values of a well-ordered society using architecture as a metaphor for good government.
The paintings are referred to by the cities in which the individual paintings are kept: Baltimore, Urbino and Berlin. They are of unknown authorship but various famous artists have been proposed.
These 15th century masterpieces of Renaissance perspective create the illusion of space using a mathematical perspective system developed in Florence. The receding lines converge at a central point and create an intense focus for the eye.

Materials:6mm mild steel bar. High quality transparent print protected between two acrylic glass.

Technique:the sculpture is hand welded and then polished to a vintage steel finish.

Measurements:3 units, each unit: 13cm X 26cm X 13cm


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